Past Student Projects

  • Computer Animation with Maya: Click here to see our 3D modeling projects from last year.

  • Web Design/Business Development:Click here to view Parth Valecha's business project.

  • Programming with Java:Click here to see Eli Gukovsky's Final Presentation On Android Application Development.

Google Apps For Education

  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets are used to organize,collaborate and share all student work at the Innovation Lab.

  • Final Projects are presented with the use of Google Hangouts and include administration and outside industry influencers.

  • Students develop fluency with the Blogger & Groups Platform and are required to reflect on their learning in bi-monthly blog posts on their learning process and goals and share resources collaboratively.

Developing Industry Connections

We are constantly looking to integrate industry professionals and certifications into our course. We are also looking to present our curriculum at conferences.

Staff Development At The Andover Innovation Lab

The Andover Innovation Lab & Help Desk supports staff in a variety of ways at Andover High School. Not only do students provide hands on assistance with a variety of tech troubleshooting .

The students also manage and update the Ipad carts and create a variety of video screencast tutorials and sequenced written tutorials for standards hardware and software applications.

Please refer to our youtube page and our turorials page for available resources.